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A late fee of $50 is charged for any payments received after the invoice due dates.
(The $50 fee is effective 7/1/2024 and will be assessed beginning 8/1/2024)

The Subdivision Consists of 127 Homes and is located in the City of Madison Alabama
Our beautiful, tree-lined streets, well-kept lawns, and shrubs, pool and clubhouse,
and friendly neighbors are just some of the benefits of residing in Belmont Place

Homeowners pay two separate and distinctive fees and assessments. Both of which are required of all homeowners.

HOA Dues: The current HOA dues are $440 per year. These are billed semiannually, i.e., $220 in January and $220 in July. These dues cover the ongoing expenses such as clubhouse maintenance, pool service, common area mowing, insurance, property management, the welcoming committee, legal fees, etc. Each year the board reviews expenses, HOA dues, and adopts a budget, subject to ratification by HOA members.

Residential Lawn Care Fees: The current residential lawn care fees are $1,437.80 annually. These are billed quarterly. In January, April, July, and October homeowners are billed $359.45. These fees are used to pay for residential lawn mowing, shrubbery trimming, yard care (the current contractor is U.S. Lawns) and for lawn treatment, primarily spraying (the current contractor is TDI.) The HOA board selects, negotiates the rates, and oversees these two contactors. The amount of the annual residential lawn care fee is set to cover the actual expenses of these two contracts. That is, these fees are designed to be break-even pass-through expenses.

Combined homeowner bills and payments: Hughes Properties II combines the January and July HOA dues and residential lawn care fees. Consequently, homeowners are invoiced the following combined amounts:
 January = $579.45 ($220 + $359.45)
 April = $359.45
 July = $579.45 ($220 + $359.45)
 October = $359.45
A late fee of $25 is charged for any payments received after the invoice due dates. (The late fee will increase to $50 per month effective 7/1/2024 and will be assessed beginning 8/1/2024)

Liens are placed on homes if dues and fees are not paid within a reasonable time, typically 90 days. Several homeowners elect to pay in advance.
The Community is Governed by Covenants to Maintain a High Standard throughout our Neighborhood

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